Just hanging around…

Well, all the hard work is done now. Just the minor, final hurdle of running 145 miles! Gulp.
Went back and stayed at my parents last weekend so that I could race in the Exmoor coastal marathon. I was really looking forward to this one. I also had confidence that I could bag a decent position too. It was also nice to have my parents, Andrea and Kiera to watch me.
I decided that instead of starting off steadily, I’d experiment by going off a bit faster and hopefully not losing so many, if any of the front runners.
We went off like rockets, my heart rate was up around 180 which is far too high. 177 is roughly my race limit. By 10k I was tiring badly but even with this extra initial speed, I was still only in 5 place! I later learned that my first 10k split would have got me 3rd place in the 10k race! Only another 32k left…
I also was beginning to learn that I’d also totally underestimated the gradients. The hills were manageably steep, but seemed to go on for ever! There wasn’t really any flat sections.
My final blunder was to twice go the wrong way. Not good for moral or energy reserves! I calculated that these errors added an extra 4k!
Needless to say I was very dissapointed with myself. What an idiot!
On the bright side of things, even though I buried myself on this course, I still managed to enjoy it. The most stunning, dramatic scenery I’ve been fortunate to run at. I also learned that my fitness is pretty high. This was also highlighted in the following days by my fairly swift recovery.
Exactly a week from now, as long as there have been no disasters, I would have been running for over 15 hours. I would like to think that I would have covered 70ish miles by this stage but the true aim is to complete this beast intact. I just can’t wait now.
My friends James and Chrissy are going to meet me at the 100 mile point in James’ Dads barge. I’ve told them that I’ll be there anytime after 2 in the morning. That will be great for moral to see some friendly faces.
Andrea and Lee will be meeting me at the end too, and maybe somewhere before.
I just hope everything goes as well as possible now.
I’ll be off now. Next time I write, I’ll either be very happy or very sad.
Whatever the case, I’ll tell all.

Happy training,


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