I am finally here in Skagen. The journey was relatively easy, with us catching two trains to Gatwick and a short flight to Aarlborg in Denmark, We arrived just after 11pm and a short taxi ride later we were booked into the Cabinn Hotel. The hotel was similar to a Formula 1 hotel in the UK. i.e. very small but perfectly adequate, clean and tidy. Ideal for our last night alone before we joined up with the TE race, further up North. When we woke the next morning, we decided that we should have a little look around Aaarlborg before leaving as there was no rush. Denmark seemed like a very neat and tidy country  that is very pretty. I was really surprised about the large amount of bikes rolling around the flat streets and the real lack of cars driving around. We found a nice café and I ordered a double espresso and a little rye roll with cheese and we sat and watched the Danish streets slowly coming to life outside. From all the communication we have had with the Danes, it has been a pleasure. Firstly because they all seem to be able to talk English (I have the level of ignorance where I do not even know what “hello” is in Danish!).

After Breakfast, we wondered the streets a little more before making our way back to the hotel, packing up our kit, working out the remainder of our trip using the hotels wifi before carrying our bags to the bus terminal which was about 20 minutes across the town. We bought our tickets and were soon on our way on a coach that resembled a National Express to Frederikshavn. The countryside is pretty flat but very pretty. I really like the look of Denmark. After a quick change  and another coffee, we were now on the final leg of our journey.

We rolled along the rails stopping at many small villages, and then we slowed and a sign with Skagen passed the window! We were here, finally! The wait had been long. It had been years since I had first heard of this race, and although I was not in tip top shape, I was here, at the start line. It was becoming more and more real now. I am scared that my ankle will force me to retire early, but at that moment. I was just filled with jittery joy to be here. We have since registered and slept in a dormitory at a sports centre. This morning we ate together with the other runners and crew who had also arrived. Today is just a lazy day before it all begins tomorrow.

I am as I previously mentioned, scared about my ankle, but also very excited to get out running again. I haven’t really ran in the last 12 weeks, so if the first day goes ok, I am expecting some serious DOMS, but that’s fine.

Anyway, I’ve promised myself not to be writing to much for this, so I’ll be off to get some cheese and ham to eat with the bread we got from the bakers earlier.

The next time I write will be after the first days run. Thankfully it’s short at 35 miles, and hopefully I’ll have a positive report for you.

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