Day 46 – Guissona to La Bordeta 67.4km

I actually slept quite well last night. The long walk to the restaurant was rewarded with a massive plate of tasty pasta as the starter, followed by a main of a few lumps of fatty meat with chips! It was great. A few of us weren’t going to wait around for dessert and as we were leaving, the waiter gave us our dessert to take with us! It was ice-cream in wafers that was perfect for the long walk back. I woke feeling pretty battered as is normal now. After our typical Spanish breakfast of a sweet croissant and a Danish (?) pastry, I was starting to feel a little more alive. I hadn’t seen The profile for the day, but had heard that it was basically a flat day that dropped downhill a little over the whole day. I can’t remember the last time that we had a flat day. My hip flexors have been getting a bit strained lately with the uphills, so maybe they will get a bit of a break? My knees of course will also be happy to not be doing so many long downs. The day started off at a fair clip. I was expecting this. Things are getting more and more competitive as time moves on. We all have fairly well established positions now and we are all aware of who is near in the overall time. I make calculations of the guys who are behind to see what’s the minimum they would need to beat me by daily to catch me up. I then keep an eye on this on the road and try to prevent them getting to far ahead. I can’t believe that I am now getting competitive in the seventh week of this race. My main aim is completion now, which I actually believe is possible. I just can’t help myself though, and nor can anyone else. The competition is in our blood. You can’t just switch it off. So, the day started off fairly quickly but as the sun rose, I sped up. I had the company of my Japanese friend Yoshataka for the first 15km. He had to slow then as his shin was sore. It was just me now for the rest of the day. It was warm and the road was large and busy, but my pace was quite solid throughout. As the road was long and straight I could always see a few runners up ahead and behind. I was quick at the cp’s too today. No messing around. I then thankfully got directed off the main road and down a small quiet farm road. After a while, a car pulled up and the driver started chatting and asking questions about the race as I ran. He then got out and took a picture. I shook his hand and said goodbye. 500m later I entered a small village and there parked up with his boot open was the same chap. He had a running shirt in his hand and wanted to do a shirt swap. Why not I thought. I apologised about the state of his new sweat sodden shirt as I peeled it off my back and placed my brand new shirt on. He ripped the labels off and then we did another photo. I thanked him and dashed off. A nice little break and a nice chap! There was now around 10km left. The trails got a little rougher and I was starting to enjoy it a bit when it then stopped and I was back on the tarmac. It was warm now but I wasn’t too bothered. Maybe I’ve actually acclimatised to the heat a little! I finished happy with my time. I have had a little sleep and have had dinner which was a starter of pasta salad followed by a main of a very large sausage with crisps! Strange Spanish food. Tomorrow is the big day. 83km. The final stage in the 80’s. The day after is a measly 44km so it doesn’t matter what state tomorrow puts me in. I will keep on plodding. Gibraltar here I come!

One thought on “Day 46 – Guissona to La Bordeta 67.4km

  1. This account makes fascinating reading. Glad you’re stating to feel more positive, and that finishing is now in your thoughts. It’s strange to think of a 2 month race as competitive – but as you say it’s in your blood.
    Best of luck for the rest of the trip, and a well earned rest once you reach Gibraltar.

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