Day 49 – Calanda to Escucha 60.5km

I have seen today as a ‘filler’ day for some reason. Maybe because of the short day yesterday and the three long days that commence tomorrow. Whatever the reason, when I awoke this morning feeling very tired, the day certainly no longer seemed such a ‘filler’. Over the last week or two I seem to be getting more and more tired. My knees seem lots better than they were but still manage to keep me awake some times.

It was very mild this morning and there was a star-studded sky above. Another hot day ahead I guessed. The day is only 16km longer than yesterday so should be no problem. The daily split of who goes in the fast group the next day meant that the faster group was a lot larger today, which meant that my slower group didn’t have to many people to push the pace. This made the day instantly more relaxed as there was less racing off for the first 20km. The stage was mostly going upwards today with a few little downs on the way.

Fred and I were together again and neither of us seemed to be wanting to really push things which was nice. We were still going at a decent pace but it was more fun than slogging my guts out. We stopped to look behind us to see the sky turning an incredibly perfect pink and then red as the sun was rising. Fred loves the heat and the desert. I see the beauty of the desert, but much prefer the greenery. And the heat!? Well, I don’t think I need to give you my thoughts on that!

As time passed the temperature kept rising. The climbing was usually gentle, but relentless none-the-less. We saw a few dead vipers at the side of the road, but no live ones. I was happy when we finally turned off the N211 road which we have been following for the last few days. It’s not like the A2402 is much different, but it just feels different.

Then the town of Escucha came into view. It looked pretty small. Fred and I finished together again in a comfortable state. Our time was nothing special, but it is better than I thought I would have been capable of at tis stage of the race if you had asked me three months ago.

So now to get on with the three big days. They will be hard work but I’m not bothered really. I’ve just eaten quite a big meal and will have another big one in a couple hours as I have been very hungry over the last few days. I have weighed myself today and there is no change. I would love to know my body fat measurement though.

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