Back to it!

Well hello there,

I now have completely recovered from the GUCR and I’m back to the training regime. Ah thank god, I do love it much.

Have recently returned from the Glastonbury festival which was a nice forced break from the running. I’ve been to 5 previous festivals and this was up there as one of the greats! 5 days of completely stepping outside of the real world and just completely enjoying myself and some amazing bands. The worst thing aboutit is that you have to leave! Always a bit sad to have to return to work and remember that you have boring stuff like bills and money to deal with.
Can’t wait till next year though. It’s the 40th anniversary so should be a corker!

Tomorrow I’ll begin a heavy week of training which should be over 120 miles. then I’ll take a week off in preparation for the ‘Classic Cliffs’ race which is a 58 miler that starts at Port Isaac on the Cornish coast and works it’s way north on the Coast path till you reach the beautiful village of Clovelly which is about 8 miles from my parents house. The interesting thing about this one is that it starts at midnight! I can’t wait to be running for about 5 hours using just a head torch and then witness the sunrise. It should be quite envigorating, which I think I’ll be needing by that stage! It will be some of the most testing and stunning trail to run on in the world! Mum and Dad are of course coming to watch me (hopefully) finish with Andrea and Kiera. Always nice to have loved ones there to watch me doing what I love

Not too sure how well I’ll get on really. Should really make the top ten if all goes well. Very difficult to predict at this sort of distance and intensity. I do feel strong though.

This is a bit different now knowing that my daughter, Hanna, will be reading this seeing as up till now I’ve just written this as a personal diary. I do hope this doesn’t bore you too much darling.

Other races I’ve signed up for are the Ridgeway challenge at the end of October which is the whole Ridgeway footpath in one go which is 86 miles which should be fun. Got the 24 hrs in October, then next May I’ve got my place (1 of 20) in the inaugral 15 day stage race from John O’Groates to Lands End or JOGLE which is the entire length of the UK – 850 miles. Bit scared about that one but know that I’m capable of it, so had to give it a try!

Will be off to bed soon with the heavy training week coming up. Need all the rest I can get. Will be up at 4:50 in the morning too which is early even for me!

Time for a cup of tea first though.

Happy running.