Past and future challenges (Reports)

The Grand Union Canal Race (145 mile race) 2009 Report, 2011 Report

The Ultra Trail Lakeland District (100 mile race) 2010 Report

Spartathlon (152 mile race) 2010 Report, 2011 Report

The Ridgeway Challenge (86 miles) 2009 Report

9Bar JOGLE Ultra (16 day 865 mile race) No Post!

Classic Cliffs (57 mile race) 2009 Report

The South West Coast Path (650 mile challenge)

The Penine way (260 mile challenge) Partial attempt 2011 Report

Cotswold Way (103 mile Trailblaze challenge) 2011 Report

North Downs Way 100 (100 mile race) 2011 Report

Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (100 mile race) 2013 Recce report, 2013 Report

Tor des Geants (330 km race)

Trans-Europe Footrace (4000km race) 2012 Report  Click ‘Next’ at the top to work through each day.

Offa’s Dyke Trailblaze (100 mile challenge) 2011 Report

Trans Gran Canaria (125km race) 2012 Report

Ultra Trail South West (100 mile race) 2012 Report

Hardmoors 110 (112 mile race) 2012 Report

The Viking Way (147 mile race) 2012 Report

The South Downs Way Trailblaze (100 mile) 2012 Mk1 Report, 2012 Mk2 Report

Trail du Gypaete (72km, 4200m+) 2013 Report

Samoens Trail Tour (55km, 4200m+) 2013 Report

Ice Trail Tarentaise (65km, 5000m+) 2013 Report

Mont Blanc Marathon + vertical km 2013 Report

The Spine (268 mile) 2014 Report

Frostskade (800km) 2014 report pt1, pt2

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